Brandbee Holding
Invests in and develops companies with a focus on value growth

Brandbee Holding is an investment company focused on investing and developing companies with the aim of creating value growth for the company's shareholders. 

Brandbee Holdings' portfolio companies include SaaS services such as BIX and Videoburst and digital marketing agency Anegy.

The Brandbee Industry Index (BIX) is a digital market analysis tool that provides an unprecedented view of the digital landscape. Unique algorithms make Big Data both understandable and manageable to enable informed decisions to optimize a company's digital presence.

Videoburst is a martech company focused on video solutions and digital marketing. 

Brandbee is proud to work with some of Sweden's top brands across a wide range of industries. We also have been entrusted to design and deliver a number of training courses at Berghs, Medieinstitutet, Nackademin and IHM Business School.


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