Portfolio companies

Our portfolio companies include SaaS services such as BIX and Videoburst and digital marketing agency Anegy Digital Consulting.

Anegy digital consulting

Our consulting company Anegy helps you take control of your digital marketing. With both tactical and strategic expertise, they work with you to strengthen your brand and drive sales. Below is a selection of the services they offer: 

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Digital analysis, strategy and tactics

Great analysis is the starting point for digital success. Brandbee’s team examines your organization, your brand and your communication inside-out, in order to gain a deeper understanding of your current situation and brand position. Based on these insights, we set relevant goals that match your ambitions, and recommend a strategy to achieve them.
With a data-driven strategy, you can maximize the return on your digital investments. We also provide guidance on how to tactically get closer to your goals and help you prioritize your digital efforts and activities.

Content Marketing & SEO

Based on your goals, your customers' behavior and the content you want to share, we create a comprehensive content strategy with clear guidelines. Based on the strategy, we help you produce new content such as video, search engine-friendly copy etc. where needed.
Furthermore, we help you with your overall SEO to improve your ranking in Google's search results. You have our support throughout the entire process – from the creation of a solid SEO strategy to planning, content creation and follow-up.
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Paid marketing

Want to increase your visibility in search engine ads on Google? Want to advertise on social media? We got you covered.

Anegy works with all social media and search engines and helps you all the way - from analysis and strategy to advertising and follow-up, for example with A/B testing to ensure the best possible results for your efforts.

Brandbee industry index (BIX)

BIX is a digital marketing analytics tool that provides an entirely new view of the digital landscape. Unique algorithms make Big Data both understandable and manageable to enable informed decisions for optimizing a company's digital presence.

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Brandbee Industry Index (BIX)

Brandbee's proprietary Brandbee Industry Index (BIX) tool compares your digital efforts with those of your competitors.

Based on relevant KPIs and advanced algorithms, this tool provides sharp insights and creates unique opportunities for you to optimize your digital presence. BIX helps you see where your digital efforts are under or overperforming and provides a clear basis for data-driven decisions.


Videoburst is a martech company focused on video solutions and digital marketing. Videoburst is changing the way companies can use video, through automatically generated product videos that can then be advertised on Youtube and other platforms, easily, efficiently and scalably.


Videoburst is Brandbee's tool for making video marketing effective with ease. The tool allows you to make professional videos in an automated process based on a simple template. The tool continuously reads your website, new products are automatically inserted into a video and in just seconds you have new content to promote.

Student competitions

Student Competitions is a world-leading competition platform used by students all over the world. It allows companies to create awareness of their competitions and reach an audience of students in all fields of science.

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Student Competitions

Student Competitions is the world's largest platform for competitions aimed at students. Student Competitions brings together competitions in many different fields, from design and business to technology and much more.

Over 610,000 students search here for relevant competitions to enter. Data-driven insights help our customers reach the right audiences.

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