Brandbee Industry Index

Brandbee Industry Index (BIX) compares your digital performance against your competitors. This allows you to see where there is room for improvement and also where you are over-investing.

A new, unique set of digital insights for data-driven decisions

How do you perform digitally compared to the rest of the industry? Where do you need to improve? What are your competitors doing better?

BIX is a new tool for digital market analysis that provides a unique perspective on the digital landscape. Brandbee’s in-house algorithms make Big Data both understandable and manageable, enabling informed decisions to optimize your digital presence.

Data collection

BIX collects data from public sources.


Collected data is processed through Brandbee's in-house algorithms.


Brandbee's analysis shows where you are over- and under-investing.

What we measure


We identify and analyze paid search and keywords.


We identify and analyze parameters that affect organic search.


We identify and analyze the strength and effectiveness of social media in relation to the size of the business.


We analyze critical parameters such as site speed and UX design.

What BIX provides

Digital positioning

See your digital position alongside your competitors’ in the digital marketing landscape.

Digital value

An estimate of the value of your digital presence, based on SEO, SEM, SoMe and site performance.

Digital strength

How effective your digital efforts are compared to competitors, based on an indexing of all metrics.

Detailed report

A detailed overview of your digital performance in relation to the industry and to each of your competitors.

How does it work?

Big Data combined with Brandbee's in-house algorithms and expertise makes the latest in MarTech available to all businesses with a digital presence. The goal is to ensure maximum return on the digital investment for our clients.

Step 1
We retrieve public data from a number of platforms.
Step 2
After measuring different aspects of your digital landscape, we categorize and score each indicator.
Step 3
All data is run through Brandbee's in-house algorithms.
Step 4
You get an in-depth analysis of your digital position, strengths and position, with recommendations for optimisation.

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Consumer Electronics Industry March 2022

The consumer electronics industry in Sweden has shown a strong sales growth in recent years. 2020 was a record year, with sales increasing by 12% compared to 2019. 2021 also was a good year for the industry, with almost as much growth as the previous year.  

During the pandemic, Swedes have stayed at home, and holiday money has largely been spent at home, not least on consumer electronics. Furthermore, consumer electronics is one of the top selling sectors in e-commerce, with 23% growth and sales reaching around SEK 31 billion in 2021. However, in January and February 2022, sales fell by 2% compared to the same period in 2021.

Elgiganten is top of the class

BIX is a measurement of a business's digital strength relative to industry peers, as measured by performance in SEO, SEM, website and social media. In March 2022, Elgiganten had the best performance in the consumer electronics industry with a total BIX score of 157, i.e. 57 index points above the industry average (100). This is mainly explained by a sustained and strong investment in SEM (search engine marketing) and a significantly improved website, which in Q1 2022 has become increasingly better compared to its competitors in the sector. In social media, however, Elgiganten continues to perform below industry average, despite efforts here being both intensified and generating ever greater engagement. Elgiganten performs stably in SEO (search engine optimization), consistently slightly above industry average.

BIX Consumer Electronics Industry March 2022


In SEM (search engine marketing), the industry is largely dominated by three players: Elgiganten, MediaMarkt and NetOnNet. Elgiganten's success is mainly explained by a strong focus on brand protection, while MediaMarkt has a clear focus on capturing generic searches. After a weak autumn, NetOnNet has made a strong recovery, and with a BIX score of 145 it keeps a considerable distance to Webhallen, who is in fourth place. The other players are performing very poorly compared to the industry average.


In SEO (search engine optimisation), NetOnNet is unchallenged in the industry, and maintains its first place with an index of 123 against the industry average in March. Second place has long been held by Webhallen, in March at index 117, but throughout Q1, has improved its SEO efforts and is now only one index point behind NetOnNet.


After ranking well below industry average throughout the second half of 2021, Elgiganten has improved its website considerably in the last quarter and, with an index of 139 in March, now ranks highest in the industry in terms of factors such as loading times and broken links. NetOnNet, which has long been the best in the industry, has thus fallen to second place with an index of 136. Close behind are online-based WhiteAway and, who also outperform the industry average with scores of 124 and 112 respectively.

Social media

In social media, web-based and Webhallen dominate the consumer electronics industry, along with Elon, which is the only player with a focus on traditional retail business that performs above the industry average. With a high number of likes, comments and shares on its posts, Elon manages to engage its audience well, and with an index of 131 performs well above the overall average, beaten only by with an index of 140.

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