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CloudRepublic AB (publ) is a technology and digital marketing firm. Our goal is to position our clients in the front end of technology and our unique and data driven approaches generates sustainable returns from our clients digital marketing investment.

CloudRepublic consists of four business areas: Analytics & Data Science, Technology & Transformation, Digital Marketing and Automation & CRO.

Our services includes: application development, generic and custom benchmarking, actionable insights and indexes, digital strategy services, digital media consulting, analytic services, digital attribution, performance marketing, social media marketing, search engine expertise, and transformation services. Our digital benchmarking products ‘Brand Value Index’ and ’Attribution Benchmarking’ has been created to help brands to answer the questions ‘How good is our digital marketing approach?’, ’How big is the potential ?’ and ”What is the critical actions to increase ROI?”

Attribution and Brand Value Index
Analytics & data science

Do you maximise the effect of tech and digital marketing investments?

To continuously compare your performance with industries and leading competitors is essential when making critical strategic decisions. Our benchmarking dashboards gives you a clear overview together with specifics about potential improvements.  Analyze the digital competitiveness and identify the true potential of your brand. Get actionable insights by our unique and proprietary digital benchmarking tools. Understand what differentiates you from the best in class, both in your industry and overall.

Brand value index

Measures efficiency/strength of a digital brand as a weighted score based on the 4 main performance media channels: SEM, SEO, Social and Site Performance.

Attribution benchmarking

Measures the effectiveness of digital media spending and identifies opportunities of improvements and savings. Selects channels and media that generates the best ROI.

Technology & transformation

Turning ideas into solid solutions

If you can dream it – we can build it. State of the art application and system development. With competencies including: Big Data, AI & Analytics, multiple Front End and Back End competencies, Cloud Applications, Open Source, Internet of Things (IoT) and more. We have built solutions to multiple industries, including: Travel, E-Commerce, Health Care Telecom, Logistics and Transportation, Embedded Software and Finance just to mention a few. We have worked together with our offshore partner for more than 10 years. Combined we are over 3000 professionals ready to give your business the edge you need. We can transform both your technology and your offering to match the best on the market.


Proof of concepts

The best and most cost efficient way to visualize your idea to investors and stakeholders. Fixed price and fixed time guarantees 100% predictability. We can usually start immediately. If you would like to

check the competitiveness of your present team, let us give you a quote.

Fixed price solutions

We have developed industry critical 24/7 solutions for over 10 years. Our process is agile, structured and transparent. You can folllow the progress day by day. Either through webbased tools like Jira or by video meetings on Meet/Teams/Zoom.

Digital marketing & performance media

Creating attention that generates customers

It is not enough to be data driven! Once you analyzed the data and identified the potential it is time to act. Let us strengthen your competitive position. Using our brand communication and prize-winning digital marketing concepts our highly skilled specialists will make a difference for your brand/business. Our customers range from small local companies to multinational fortune 500 companies. We know what it takes to compete on every level, and we have the benchmarks to make data driven, ROI increasing decisions. Our team has more than 10 years of experience from digital marketing, available for you to tap in to.

Paid media

Paid media gets the ball rolling. Whether it is to generate traffic and conversions from performance media channels sunch as search and social, or reach out and generate the highest possible awareness for your brand. We create and manage the right mix of SEM, Social, Display, Video and Programmatic. This is the starting point for a personalized data driven approach, both for Paid- and Owned/Earned Media.

Owned/earned media

Creativity and industry skills are imperative. We create a strategy for ongoing improvment of your owned/earned media. We help you identify the best channels, sources and segments. Relevant and popular content is key when working with Owned SEO and Earned Social Media.

Automation & CRO

How to handle the pressure from search engines and international e-commerce!

Anyone can build a site.

But very few sites are optimized to stand the pressure from search engines and international e-commerce.

Increase your conversion rate and adapt the smartest and most user-friendly solutions for CRO (conversion rate optimization), UX (User Experience) and automation.

CRO and marketing automation

To get the site structure aligned with the user experience lies in our DNA. To further increase CRO we continuously optimize that 24/7 automatic salesperson called: marketing automation. This generates both direct conversions and qualified leads for later stages of the sales cycle.

Conversion opimization

The technical aspects of running a successful site is to construct a platform that makes Google work for you. The trick is to make Google match the most prospective visitors to the message that is most likely to convert. This will also give you advantages of all other aspects of digital marketing.

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Over 15 years in the tech area

Whether you want to build your CV or just work with the best people – CloudRepublic Group can help you with both. Our digital marketing team has more than 15 years’ experience working with some of the largest and most competitive brands on the planet. We do it all, from strategy to full technical implementation/transformation. Here you can really learn how to make a difference for you and our customers.

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