Brand Value Index

• A product for management and experts who want to get an independent view of where they are at.
Unique algorithm that accurately measures your organic and paid performance.
Thorough research positioning you right against your competitors.
• A platform that provides you with actionable insights targeting the gaps in the strategy.


The main idea behind Brand Value Index is to help our clients answer the question How good is your digital marketing approach?

Our data science department combines advanced digital marketing expertise and big data in order to help companies implement the latest MarTech available. Our goal is to increase sustainable return on all types of digital marketing investments.

In order to optimise your digital marketing potential, we have identified key metrics involved in the progress, measured an identified all aspects of yours and your competitors digital presence, and provided you with valuable insights regarding your future development.


Brandbee’s calculation model incorporates coefficients via a data-driven multilinear regression algorithm. This allows to generate each client’s and their competitors Brand Value Index scores.

Our Benchmark are retrieved through continuous tracking of digital activities using multiple data driven methods and global leading data sources.

And so, our analysts are able to provide with an exceptionally detailed report, allocating your on the competitive landscape, as well as possible gaps against the industry standard.


Learn about your digital position in the market

Bubble size

Indicative of the company size.

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Indicates the industry average.

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The efficiency and strength of your brand, as a total scoring on the four main performance channels: SEM, SEO, Social Medias and Site performance.

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Monthly valuation in advertising/ equivalence on the four main performance channels.

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With the help of our experienced digital and marketing engineers, we have developed a leading methodology and Tracking platform. 

The Brand Value Index output principally tracks at category (or set) level, by ranking and deriving an equivalent gap potential using the industry accepted currency of CPM.


We source data from 30+ platforms


We measure every aspect of your digital landscape, valuing and categorizing each indicator


We run the data through our algorithm (brand value index®)


You have a thorough analysis of your current position and further recommendations

Main metrics
Identification and analysis of paid search and keyword campaigns for paid channels.
Identification and analysis of parameters that impact organic search, search engine visibility.
Identification and analysis of strength and efficiency of active social media channels in relation to company size.
Analysis of the essential parameters responsible for conversion driving, such as site speed and UX design.

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